About Me

I am a fullstack software developer and coder. I am currently doing BSc in Computer Engineering at BUET. Apart from having a solid knowledge of the theoretical aspects of computer science, I love to code a lot. So far, I have worked on a number of programming languages ​​and frameworks.

I feel comfortable working in Python, C++, Java programming language. I have also worked on many projects for backend development with Django, Flask Framework. I have also worked on a few projects with Node JS’s Express Framework. A lot of work has been done on these platforms with Restful API also.

I have worked on HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as Bootstrap for front end development. In addition, if you have a restful API, I feel comfortable working on React JS. Also have good experience working with small teams with Git, GitHub and various methods of version control workflow. Apart from all these I have a little of experience working on data science and machine learning with Python.